My name is Mark and my middle name is Christopher, hense, CHRISTOPHER MARX Photography.

I am a family portrait and wedding photographer from Clinton Twp Michigan, I am about 25miles north of Detroit and travel frequently to Traverse City, Michigan.

A quick snapshot about me:
* I love God and owe Him everything,
* I am a designer/draftsman for the automotive industry full time for 20years.
* I have been into photography since high school, but in Michigan, automotive is the leader.
* I have been married almost 7 years to Jessica, who’s encouragement of my work, has helped me step out of my box and create the images I see in the smiles of everyone I photograph.
* I have three beautiful daughters, 5 years and under whom I adore and would do anything for.
* I have passion for many things in life, including the outdoors, my family, and just an overall need to be creative.
* When I die, I want the images I create to be remembered thru time and past on to the next generations.

Some of my favorite things: hot coffee on a cold autumn morning, walking in the woods in northern Michigan, the sounds of kids laughter and the innocence of their smiles and why I do what I do; that images that evoke emotion.

Because my family is my first priority, I only book between 4 and 6 sessions a month, and 3 weddings a year. These slots fill up fast so please contact me in advance if you are interested in booking a session.
I look forward to meeting you, the people most important to you and creating a relationship with you.

Our job as photographers is not to show the world as it is, but as we want it to be.” –An insight from the late Monte Zucker,